Sunday, August 29, 2010

The sunburn was worth it :)

While I was out fixing the phone situation yesterday... I decided I might as well peek in at the New York State Fair for a few hours. I wasn't gonna go, but I figured what the heck. (And I slept in till 9am this morning to pay for it.... I NEVER sleep in that long!)

Anyway... there were rides - I rode this one - $4 a ticket for two little times around. Rip off.

And roasted pork. One of my favorite foods :)

And people + sunshine. Some of those poor fools are gonna hurt today.

Lost kids.
Adam Richman - he's crazy :)

And more people. Did I mention there were a lot of people?

I only stayed a few hours, took one ride, fought my way thru the crowds for longer than i could stand. Then I stopped at my favorite food places where I bought some fair food to go. I took the bus home, immediately took a cool shower and enjoyed my fair food feast.

It was a good day.

The end.


Stacie said...

You're one brave woman for going to the State Fair, unless you like big crowds; then you're just crazy. haha j/k

I have only been to our State Fair twice I think. It's not my cup of tea. Hopefully you didn't get too sunburned ;)

Kath said...

Good for you. I thought I'd go to the fair here after I moved but got lazy and blew it off til the fair ended. How lazy? My new apartment is a few blocks from the fairgrounds. :/