Friday, August 27, 2010

How does it happen?

So sudden. Just like that.

My iphone is apparently... deceased. My worthy bus riding companion. Gone. I thought maybe when I got home and charged it all would be well... but not so. It had a few good years though, lots of fun Angry Bird games and just lately, lots of use as an ereader. I hardly ever used the poor baby as a phone. Maybe it was eardrum deprivation. I don't know. May we long remember it's last function as that of sad photographer of amethyst.



Kath said...

Can you take it to an Apple store and see if they can revive it?

Stacie said...

Oh dear gawd, not the iPhone. I am attached to mine too. I've only had mine a few weeks now, and it has kept me plenty company when most needed.

So it just took a crap? Or did something happen to it that you know of?


I rolled over mine a few weeks ago. Decided I just couldn't live without it and headed to the AT&T store. Found out if I was willing to keep the older model it would only cost me $100 including activation. All is well-heck I never used up all the memory on the phone anyway!