Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ok. I'm soothed.

A little QVC clearance and 420 does it every time. I figure I might as well get my last few baubles while I can *grin*. Besides.. I've decided that when I retire I shall wear white. As in blue jeans and white shirts - and LOTS of fabulous jewelry. Cheapish, but fabulous all the same to me. I've already got quite a collection from over the years.. maybe some day I should take a pic of some of my favorites, yes? It's mostly silver. I used to love gold but somehow my complexion changed over the years and the good stuff is in a safe deposit box. Silver suits me best now, and natural gemstones and rocks of every kind. Love them. They give energies of the good kind.

So I did more number crunchin' today and more research and I'm feeling better. Seems for SURE I will be able to retire in Dec and the numbers look like they'll be a little better than i originally thought. So now if I can just make it through the days... oh my gosh... since that other secretary came back a month ago... Well, let's just say she can get lost walking in a circle - which she does frequently, while talking to herself, and for no apparent reason... in and out and past my desk all. day. long. Have mercy. And always rushing, again for no apparent reason.

Anyway.. that's all I have to say today. And I guess that was quite a bit :) But for now, I think a slice of icy cold seedless watermelon is callin' my name. G'nite.

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Sheepish Annie said...

It's all gonna work out. I just know it. This is the new chapter!