Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet my leeetle friend :)

Oh my gosh... is that cute or what? (Pardon the tail... that cat needs to know every second of my business... ) Anyway... I SO don't do power tools. At all. Never really had to do-it-myself before. But I had to get that darned curtain back up, so I stopped at the home store today and got some plastic thingies that I was told help keep the screws in the wall.. and this little bad boy. Part of the reason I never got my own before is all the cordless screwdrivers I've ever seen were so darn heavy it would take me two hands just to hold it up. For the little jobs I need, this little baby worked like a dream. Now I can do my Wii workout after dark without worryin' about people bein' scared when they drive by :) Love my leeetle friend :) And so proud of myself for doin' that job that I could just spit, if i was the spittin' kind, which I'm not. But anyway....

And while I was out workin' in the yard, I discovered one lonesome little lilly the groundhogs didn't eat. Thought I'd give it to Gizzy. I sure do miss that yappy little dog some days.

Anyway... I feel better today. Got the whole curtain saga fixed, I mowed the lawn and pruned back a lot of trees. And now... with my last few ounces of strength *grin* I'm gonna go warm up a slice of pizza, take a hot shower for my achin' body (I worked hard) and call it a night. I'll sleep good... and I'm not gonna think about tomorrow bein' Monday till the alarm clock goes off.

And I am blessed.


Stacie said...

Wowie, that is a tiny little cordless screw driver! Congrats on getting your curtains back up.

Kath said...

Plastic wall anchors are indeed your friend. Molly bolts are good for the heavy stuff also. Yes, I am a do-it-yourselfer! And I dearly love my cordless drill, probably the kind you'd think was too heavy but whoa have I ever used that for everything under the sun.