Saturday, July 17, 2010

I wouldn't say I'm depressed... exactly...

What's the next thing lower?? I think overwhelmed fits better but still not quite right... I dunno. So much goin' on, so much not goin' on, so much waiting... and my cable (phone, tv AND internet) has been out for two days. It's been kinda lonesome with just me and the cat.

So I've been cleanin' and drinkin' all day for somethin' to do and to get my mind off things for a minute. Is it wrong to be hungover by 5:15 in the evening? Just wonderin'.

Well.. that's it for today. My head hurts, it's about 900 degrees outside and the lawn is about 5 inches high (was gonna mow it but had to wait all day for the cable guy and it's too late now cuz of the skeeters) and the cat ripped my living room curtain down and even though I've now put about 50 holes in the wall, I still can't get it to hang back up. I believe I may have actually invented some new swear words.

::sigh:: So that's my day. At least all the electronics work now but it's still pretty lonesome over here... Could be worse, could be LOTS better... Just sayin'.

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Sheepish Annie said...

It's hard to be cut off like that. I'm glad that the internet was restored so you could connect a little bit with the world. Hang in there! ::hugs::