Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Discrepancy (sp? it's too early to worry about it)

That's what I've got. There seems to be a difference in the dates that I started state service. A three week difference. I've always gone by the anniversary date my work has had for the last 30 years, but the Retirement Dept. has a different date that's 3 weeks later. Which means I would miss the retirement incentive. Gotta check on this today and you know how hard it is to get to an actual person to talk to about these things. I'm tired before I start.

::sigh:: And another face off with boss yesterday. She has pretty much left me TOTALLY alone since I filed that Human Rights case - meaning she doesn't speak to me unless absolutely necessary, makes little jibes when she can to my face and I've been told, talks about me behind my back. So when I found out she had let the other girl work a "red" holiday yesterday which means time and a half - (I wouldn' have known except she apparently spent the day cleaning her office) - yet I never knew the opportunity existed. I was hot and I'm about to the point of all I can take. I am the senior secretary and if ANYone should have been offered the holiday, it was me. And she knows it, but the other girl is now her "friend" and I'm the "enemy". The boss hadn't talked to me all day, but I finally stopped her as she has to fly by my desk in and out of her office, and I questioned her about the situation and she lied. I know this because the other girl already had told me what happened. I told her there were rules that need to be followed and she was wrong. Then she said with a snear, "Well then, you'll do what has to be done. I'm suuuure."

Me in the front office and her 3 feet behind me. Just us two. All this investigation (with her as the subject) and retirement stuff goin' on... A job that's makin' me crazy and waaay too many xanax. Tension that's as thick as a knife. Toxic atmosphere much???????????

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Ugh! I swear we DO work in the same office sometimes. My supervisor has been out with gall bladder surgery, but lied when she got an email about one of our co-workers whose sister just passed away. Said there wasn't any information. Our new Manager sent me the email and all the information was right there. Waiting for her to come back to the office on Tuesday. Just sayin ... xxoo