Saturday, June 5, 2010

A night of Rage...

... and it was. And no fun to spend by myself, so I ended up trashed, toasted, and totally tore up... but managed to come out the other side this mornin'. Sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do so ya can make room for more...

Anyway... I finally tried one of those Nathans hotdogs I ordered and it's not such a bad thing to have 39 left to go...! I tried the first one straight up, as nature intends *grin* Boiled, then grilled and with mustard only for topping. It was absolutely freakin' delicious! I never knew that a hotdog could actually be described at that, and even though they have 300 calories before you add the bun and toppings... I'm totally spoiled now. I can't ever imagine going back to supermarket dogs.

And another question. When, pray tell, did the price of a pack of Hostess cupcakes go up to $1.49??? Last time i looked they were like 69 cents. Have I missed something??

Anyway.. I do feel sort of rough this morning.. rethinking about the work stupidness and the length of time this is going to draw on and need to be dealt with somehow.

Guess I'll go make something for breakfast while I decide if there shall be another early happy hour today. We shall see. (I just accidentally wrote "we shall wee" hahaha! Cracking myself up over here with stupidness :)

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Kath said...

Yeah, I've had those kind of bad nights. But if you let the anger tear you up inside and hurt you - they are winning. Don't let 'em.

The best hot dogs I've had in recent memory were the ones they used to serve at our local ballpark. I think the dogs used to spend quality time swimming in beer before they hit the grill, and that has to make a difference, right?