Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is my life.

Dad and his old dog Rusty (the cigarette smokin' dog from my blog banner). He still likes cigarettes but he's gettin' old. So old the vet lost his papers.. but he's 15 that we know of and he's not gonna last too much longer. He's been dads buddy and constant companion since day one and Dads determined to let him live out his life as long as he doesn't suffer. He's deaf and it takes a hundred tries for him to jump up to sit next to dad in the chair. Dad babies him a lot and he could pick him up but he'd rather let him try for a bit - and dad will remind ya how exercise is good for a feller. If that dog could talk I wouldn't feel like I needed to write a book to tell all those stories :)

Dad's place. That building in the lower left is his "garage" but it's got a bed, stove, fridge and a bathroom - so it's where I stay when I go down. Even if he does keep his four wheeler parked in there *grin*. The little room on the back is his "meat room" with the same saws you'd see in a deli. And a big drain in the floor. Just sayin'. A little gritty... but it sure is pretty :) And you should see it at night with a billion fireflies and not a mosquito in the county. Amazing.

And this one is down the hill from dads - this is gonna be my new home. Complete with root cellar. A project for sure, but how fun. I like that house 'cuz it gets the morning sun and this pic was taken from dads porch. Not too bad for a drunk ol boy that can't read or write and only went to third grade. And I'm as proud to be his daughter as I can be.

And this one.. just cuz.


Kath said...

There's deer hunting where I live (and used to be pigs too) so I know quite well what the drain is for! And a good friend of mine up the street probably wishes her man had "meat room" so it wouldn't all end up in the bathtub and/or kitchen sink. Don't think she gets to take any baths during hunting season!

Your retirement home looks quite nice! I'm thinkin' 'bout the time you get the guest room fixed up I should be in good enough financial shape to take vacations again so I'll look forward to visiting you in the "holler". :)

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love your retirement home. Can't get any better than that with the free gas too. And no skeeters? THAT would be a blessing! I think your Dad would be happy if you lived close by, and he's such a character about guys checking you out. :) xxoo