Monday, May 31, 2010

Early mornings

I love getting up early as the sun is just coming up. I just took a walk outside in my jammies... the air is so crisp and fresh, a rabbit sprinted across the yard where I saw a woodchuck just the other day. Birds nest everywhere and more pairs of cardinals than I think I've ever seen. Flower are starting to poke up and the fresh cut grass smells excellent.

The sun is shining, the air is cool. People think I'll be too bored of I retire to the mountains in West Virginia.. but I don't think so. There's pretty much always an outdoor show goin' on with mother nature if you just stop to look. My father can spend hours and hours just sitting outside watching his beehives. I'm starting to understand there's a lot to be said for just bein' still.

And now, I'm gonna make a good ole' fashioned breakfast and enjoy this day God has made. I hope ya'll enjoy yours just as much :)

5:30 Update: Well... didn't end up doing much today except sweat. After the furnace guys put in the new furnace, they left the air condition unhooked... doesn't seem I've been able to accommodate their hours and they just really don't understand why I won't leave my house unlocked or just give them the key. Whatever.

So at 91 degrees with no breeze all day, I've been sweaty and worryin' over these papers like nobodys business. But I finally think all is in order. And for now, I've had a cool shower and I'm goin' to the un-porch to enjoy the first icy cold corona of the day, and i think a cigar (of the sweet variety and fit for a lady *grin*) might go well just about now... I've been waitin' for an "occasion" to enjoy one and have't had the opportunity in quite some time. This might be the time. So I'm gonna just go enjoy relief and start the wonderin' of what comes next.

6:21 Update: OH NO! The GIANT woodchuck I saw the other day has a family. A lady friend and two babies that I just sat watching, took some pics but not sure they'll come out and will try to post later this week. But HELP! How do I get rid of all these groundhogs diggin' holes under everything I own??

7:32 Update - I'm still sittin' outside but oh my goodness! Just an hour or so ago it was 90 degrees and not a leaf was stirring.... now a definite storm moving in - SO fun to watch! It's about mid 70s now, strong wind with bits of things flying by and the rumble of thunder in the distance. The clouds are dark grey in half of the sky and I can watch it movin' closer. I LOVE weather like this!!!! WILD and wonderful *grin*. Signing off for now in case I lose electric - a good probability *grin*. G'nite.

8:26 Update: Sorry, couldn't help myself.. was innocently sittin' there and gettin' sleepy and what do i see but an ad for the place i work advertisin' how wonderful they are ON THE FOOD NETWORK!!! You've got to be freakin' kiddin' me. Shoot me now.

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Kath said...

Whoa - woodchuck family of four? If it was just one I'd suggest trapping & relocating the rodent but a whole family of critters? I dunno. :/