Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I did today.

Well.. it was a lot of work, but I finally wrestled my Hangup board out of the back of the closet where the ex-mister had packed it away a good many years ago and now had all sorts of stuff stashed in and around it. That was a j.o.b. But I finally got it out and put back together. Then I rested and spent time looking at it on and off today as I went in and out of napping.

And then I got on it.

Whoo-eeeee! I could feel my back come unglued and stretch out. I was afraid to stay on for more than a minute or two cuz my ear/neck/throat is still botherin' me, but I'm gonna try to get on there at least once a day. After bein' hunched over the computer and stressed out all the time, that stretch feels good (except on my belly scars which are itchin' like crazy now).. but it was fun. So I've set myself up a little workout corner with my workout dvds and all. Now all I need is some energy. I think I'll get a B12 shot this week that should help. We shall see but i already feel taller :)

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Kath said...

I've heard of those Hangup boards and seen the ads but always wondered - doesn't the blood rush to your head and make you dizzy?