Monday, April 5, 2010

Well... ok.

If it has to be Monday... there could be worse ways to start it than having a $10 bill drop out of the dryer when you take out the clothes :) And now I'm gonna follow up that little sign of good fortune with a good breakfast. Left over ham and some eggs, and I made bread yesterday from the Abin5 book so i might toast a slice of that too. It's been a while, but the baguettes turned out pretty tasty and it was kinda fun.

Other than that... a quiet day yesterday. Too quiet.. so I was in one of those manic kind of cleaning modes... you'd be amazed at the stuff you find when you clean out your junk drawers. And I finally changed out lightbulbs for that bright white kind that looks like daylight - and does it ever - it's really weird to have this bright light this early in the morning. NO excuses now for wearing one brown sock and one blue sock to work anymore.

Happy Monday. God bless us one and all :)

Update half an hour later: I'm laughing out loud.. after the clothes were done drying, i went back to take them out and out fell another dollar bill. So funny - then I took the clothes in and put them away, went back by the dryer and there was a $5 bill on the floor. I really should start putting my money in my purse instead of my pockets - but it is fun when it rains money from my dryer :)


Anonymous said...

My dryer never rains money; I'm jealous! You should buy a lottery ticket with at least one of those dollars (and if you win, will you share with me?)

Karen said...

I find money sometimes in the washer. Usually it's from my husband's jeans, I keep it. Laundry services are not free.

Love your lights. Way prettier than Easter eggs.

You really need to stop talking about food, I am starving now.

Next time you are in a crazy cleaning mood, come on over. I will supply the beaverages.

Have a good one, hugs.

Kath said...

Oh I DO understand about finding stuff when you clean out drawers! I'm digging myself out from under a dozen years of crap so I can move in a few months. And my big bonus find? A $50 gift certificate to a very nice local restaurant. Whoopee!

Sheepish Annie said...

That's it. I'm replacing the broken dryer. I had no idea that there was money in them things!

Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife said...

Mondays bring money - who knew! Thanks for sharing the smile.

Eve said...

I always find money in my pockets when I least expect it! I'm trying to use a wallet, but it's not working.