Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm starving

I hate being disappointed by food, don't you? I had a craving for a gyro yesterday so i bought one at lunch time to bring home for dinner last night. I'm sure letting it sit for about 6 hours had something to do with it - but YUCK! This greek place usually has awesome food, but i swear to you, the meat in that gyro tasted like dog food mush strips (as IF I'd know what that tasted like). But ick. So this morning I'm starving and I have no toast for breakfast... woe is me :)

And today is the big day my friends. The day this girl is gonna officially fight the "system". Today is the day I'm filing my formal complaint about their behavior with NYS. Wish me MUCH luck and the grace for the right words to come out of my mouth that need to be told. There are just certain rules state facilities have to follow ..... and Many long stories short, they are scrambling at work. They know they're wrong and they don't even know what's coming yet... For ONCE they aren't gonna be able to do the internal coverup or payoffs as they've always done. Well, at least i HOPE for once they aren't gonna get away with it... sooner or later in a person's life the truth and what's right has to prevail.. doesn't it?

So.. the word of the day is "tense". OR should I say "TENSE!"? I sure wish I had some toast.


Gigi said...

Hope it all works out for you!

Karen said...

Hope this doesn't come too late, but I wish you luck. Karmaa will catch up with them and smile on you.


Kath said...

I'm with you - knock 'em dead!