Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have mercy...

and say what you will. Today is a hard day.

OK.... 4:00 update and Its getting better. I took a few naps, the sun finally came out and I'm about to bake some cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip. Yum. I'm even thinkin' about gettin' on the Wii fit and takin' my punishment when it yells at me and calls me fat. Maybe I should get on there before I make the cookies. *grin*

I got a new set of solar lights - I'm just enchanted by these things. Pretty soon it's gonna look like that scene in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation around here hehhehe. Just kidding, but I sure do like the pretty colors! I just put the butterflies out yesterday so no pics yet, but both sets of lights I got from - the crackle glass that I showed you before are M18846 and the butterflies are M16439 in case you're wondering.

Ok, well that's all the excitement I have to offer for now. I guess that's a good thing :)


Mia said...

I swear to you - my hand to God - that post hit at exactly 11 min. past the hour. I just saw it.


Your internal clock is working in overdrive-you know the ability to wake up on your own just before the alarm goes off?

I am loving the solar lights too. Strands of star lights from Target, also from Target copper post lights, from Ikea two long wind sock looking lights, and from Sam's a lighted windchime. Oh and I bought a multicolored flower stake light from Target. Heading to having a "Vacation" house right with you.