Saturday, March 27, 2010


I got to talk to these (not so little) chicadees this morning - (click the pic to see it bigger - I have no idea how to upload pictures to blogger anymore) .. why oh why must he live a country away??? ::laughing:: So anyway... I had almost forgotten how much I like to watch the birds. There are hummingbirds, goldfinches, chickadees, bluejays, tons of cardinals and I don't know what all. Years ago our yard was bird feast central - I used to buy separate kinds of seeds and hand mix them for the different feeders "mama mias special mix" hehehe - but I've sort of neglected those little birdies for the past few years.

So today I made a trip to town (walmart on a Saturday morning is both fascinating and horrifying at the same time). I bought a new feeder just for fun and some seed... I put that stuff out and those little birdies are ON it like white on rice ::laughing::

It looks like nice weather this week finally, so we might actually get to do the porch, but 'till then... solar lights and little birdies are gonna have to be enough entertainment for today. Now then... it's chilly but sunny so for now, I'm goin' back outside :)


Sheepish Annie said...

We finally got some sun...and it's below freezing!!! Oh well. It's better than rain at this point. I wonder if any birds are left here or if they all moved to the desert for the winter?

Kath said...

Doncha just wanna gently rub that round little head? Awfully cute kid - and I'm not a baby person so that's sayin' something!

Nice that you have so many different varieties of birds. I know we have many, but it seems like just the big rude ones take up all the attention and space - ravens, gulls, pigeons - you get the idea. Setting up a bird feeder probably wouldn't be a good idea for me anyway...outdoor cat...the end result is fairly obvious. My new neighbor/tenant just hung up a feeder and I haven't had the heart to tell her how much my cat appreciates it!