Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just cuz.

A dirty bus window, a shaky iphone, on my way to work the other day... but look at the colors... and trust me - it was waaay much more beautiful than these pictures look and Some things are just meant to be enjoyed *grin*. so pay no attention to the blurry... just click on em to make 'em bigger - stand back (or have a cocktail) and enjoy the colors :)


Kath said...

Pretty sky but there's an awful lot of rather cold-looking white stuff covering the ground. Brrrrrr!

Karen said...

Beautiful colors. You might call me strange, believe me you wouldn't be the first, but I like the blurry effect.

The white stuff is falling here again. I think this weekend will consist of the couch, a warm blanket, endless movie watching, and of course lots of cocktails. Need to stop at the store for junk food and cocktail supplies so I have plenty. Stop in if you are in the neighborhood *grin*.

Have a good Friday and a great weekend. Hugs.

Mia said...

Karen - if you'd only write to me and tell me where you live - I might just swing by hehehehe - seriously - email me sometime and we can chat.

And i'm with ya, I sort of like the blurry too :) And yes indeedy, good idea to stock up on certain supplies for a long cold weekend. I think I will!