Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I need a new breakfast idea.

It has to be yummy, fast and easy. I just decided that over the past week or so I've been eating toast for not only breakfast, but sometimes lunch and dinner too. Hey, at least it's whole wheat but still. I must move past the comfort of the toast (with lots of real butter, of course). *grin*. Anybody else have any ideas for easy breakfast foods that hold ya over. Usually by the time I get to work I'm already hungry again.

And no. I haven't gotten near the scale lately. Why do you ask?? hehehhehe.

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Kath said... breakfast staple is cereal and milk or oatmeal with berries in it. But I'll admit, it doesn't hold me for long, I have a bizarre fast metabolism so I usually have a piece of fruit or something as a snack before lunch!

What about turning that toast into a breakfast sandwich? Just add a slice of cheese and ham for dairy and protein and you've made it more filling but it's still portable for commuting.

Verification word is "reeking". I swear I showered today so I don't know what that's about! :D