Friday, December 4, 2009

It's the reason for the season

Not the prezzies particularly (although they're good too *grin*), but the thought behind them. And I have some pretty thoughtful blogging friends! I found a plain brown box in my mail and look what was inside! So pretty and carefully wrapped... I really wanted to wait until Christmas and I tried, but I just couldn't. So with my friends permission, I opened it up this morning and look what I found:

(so sorry for the yucky cell phone pic but it was early morning). Not only was there a pretty sparkly crystal bracelet, but a whole bunch of seeds for my spring herb garden - especially lavender!! All sorts of varieties. And these are good quality fresh seeds, not the kind that have been sitting in the packet in the store for a thousand years, so I imagine I'll have good luck with the growing! It seems my special blog friend remembered a post I did back in the spring when I planted and was enchanted by my very first lavender plant and decided to give up veggie growing forever and grow lavender and herbs instead ... so she got online, researched the varieties (along with some herbs and an amazing morning glory!) and gifted them to me so I'll be ready to get the garden started in the spring. I can't wait!

I am truly touched and humbled by the thoughtfulness of this gift.
Thank you my friend, I am blessed.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Always said you were blessed and that people notice how special you are. What a wonderful way to affirm that. Can't wait to see the garden next year. xxoo

Julie said...

What an awesome gift and an awesome friend!