Wednesday, December 2, 2009

But this might be cuter for some *grin*

I am the kitty whisperer ::laughing:: but that new little kitty is a good thing for our house. I took a looong time and was very careful with putting them together a little at a time after the whole mountain lion growling thing... but now they're BFFs. ::laughing:: The baby follows big kitty everywhere. So cute and quite entertaining. This is just one of their "playgrounds". Those kitty toys have been here for years but Lizzabella didn't bother with them. Till now. Now baby Sophie crawls inside (see her tail sticking out the end of the tube?) and Lizzy waits and then pounces (all 20 lbs of her) on the whole thing with a whole lot of the crackle noise that they seem to love. Then they chase each other around the house for a minute and go back and do it again. And they play for hours together. Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love this picture! Glad they are getting along now. I'd be spending my day just sitting in that comfy chair giggling my head off.

Figured I'd take just one more day, so I called in a furlough. I know, I'm so bad. :) I'm hearing we might see some white stuff on Saturday. Nothing major though. How's the weather there? xxoo

Karen said...

Glad to see they having fun together. Love watching the cats chase each other around.

Have a good one.


My doggies seem to heal my heart especially now that they are friends- would that make us alternative households? So happy your post was not about work.
Am hoping that means it is tolerable.
Be well.

Kath said...

Oh that is SO good to hear! And you give me hope. I've been thinking about trying to bring my outdoor kitty inside, at least at night. Biggest concern is how that will affect indoor kitty, I want so badly for them to get along.

Julie said...

I thought there was only one kitty in that picture until you mentioned the tail :-)

Glad to hear they're getting along so great - do they do most of their playing at night like mine?

Sheepish Annie said...

You are the kitteh whisperer!!! Over here, the hatred grows by the day and any BFK that dares touch a toy tunnel will be struck down instantly.

Well done!!!!!