Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's frosty out there.

A little frosty inside too..

I didn't mention that I went to work late yesterday to take the kitties to the vet. I couldn't wait any longer. I took both kitties to be checked out just in case. Big pretty kitty was fine, but baby was not. The little one that I thought was my angel sent to comfort me and make me laugh through some bad times... the little babe had leukemia. She was already sick so I had to do what the vet thought was best... Big pretty kitty and I came home alone... and just now I sat here watching her - she's just quietly sitting in the middle of all their toys and wondering where her little friend is.

I cannot say more but wanted to let you know. Karma IS a bitch.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

My windows used to frost up like that until I had them recaulked. I sorta miss it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love them.

Sorry to hear about baby kitty. Even though she was only with you for a short time, God knows that you made her feel loved and welcomed. I'll ask him to touch your heart and make you smile again. *BIG HUGS* xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

You gave her a home and let her know what it is to be loved before it was time to go. That is why she came to you. I'm sure of that. Had you not stepped up, the little baby would have been alone at the end. Not much comfort for you right now, I suppose. But doing the right thing has to mean something in this world.


Kath said...

Oh Mia, this is NOT about karma. Nothing you ever did or ever could do deserves this kind of pain, I know that for fact.

You have a warm, generous, open and loving heart - the kind that takes in strangers and makes them family. It may sometimes bring you pain, but everyone (two or four-footed) who has passed through your life has been better for having known you. Please don't ever forget that and don't change.


It would greatright now to have the power to heal but alas no such luck. I think nature is too random for karma. We can't go around claiming to be blessed without feeling the curse. You know you don't deserve this pain - that's why you ache with the unfainess of it all. Maybe you can honor kitty and head to a shelter to dump some of that love & grief on an animal that has seen too much pain already too. Now that big kitty knows how to be welcoming. Maybe you honor kitty with a huge cry and some snuggle time with your cat. But please don't ever forget that you took in an animal that knew to seek you out& you gave it such love and security that all living creatures desire. You did that. You made a difference for the sake of love - even though you got hurt. A theme in your life? If karma is real, she really is a monster bitch. If she's not, well you just keep proving you are one of the good ones. Take care of yourself.