Monday, December 21, 2009

I may have spoke too soon...

And I'm out of my mind now with worry. Since baby kitty has been with us she's had a little sneezing issue, but it's getting worse. Talked to my friend today who knows a lot about cats and she says it might be feline leukemia. Oh my God... Please. not this. not now. I just did some reading about it, and it sounds like my friend may be exactly right. And the articles say if one cat has it, they can spread it to other cats with close contact - like my two who share absolutely everything from food to litter boxes. And my big pretty kitty has been sneezing too. I didn't KNOW to separate them and have the little one tested first! I only knew to separate them to keep them safe. If I lose them now, it's my own stupid fault.

Oh please.. if you can say a prayer... I just called the vet and I can't get an appt. until january 31 to have them tested. I'm at work now, but I'm gonna go sit in the chapel until it's time to leave. The hell with this job. I'm totally loosin' it and can't take any more... with my little dog passing, the divorce so new and finding out it was final 2 weeks before Christmas.... I still can't comprehend it happened after all those years, everything at work, bills to be paid, not feeling good and a major and important hearing tomorrow morning that I'm freaking out about - I just can't do it... I have no more strength to cope. I can NOT lose these kitties too. Not now. Please. Amen.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Oh my girl! It might not be leukemia, just a little virus or allergy. Don't freak until you see the vet, ok?

Please Lord, help my friend and hold her and her kitties safe in your arms. Give them peace and comfort. Ease their hearts and bring them joy. Amen.

I'll say more prayers throughout the day and tonight. xxoo


Oh Mia- All day I've been thinking of you, wishing I could help. I have a cousin who has literally dedicated her life to saving cats. She has over 20 in her own home and help rescued more than 500. She would have done exactly as you did-you havent been stupid or unloving. Just the opposite. You are not capable of unkindness. With you those cats have known warmth, love and companionship. Keep in mind that no matter the length of our lives it is those things that define our joy. Tomorrow you need to extend that kindness to yourself and remember that you are worth fighting for. You deserve better than they give you. Take care of tomorrow and them if you cant stand waiting til the 31st call around and find a vet who will squeeze you in.
I am voting for allergies, the symptoms look the same. You live in the country and kitty was an outdoor pet. All my Christmas miracle wishes are for you dear one.

Sheepish Annie said...

It could just be a cold that they passed back and forth. I'll keep hoping for the best until more is known and thinking good thoughts for both the girls. I agree with the other comment about finding another vet, just for the tests. You'll rest easier once you know what you're dealing with.

Kath said...

Okay, try to stay calm and don't panic. Cats sneeze for all kinds of reasons. It could just be something minor, like baby kitty had a little cold and the other picked it up, so course of meds and everyone is right as rain. The important thing is to get them to a vet - just call around - do you have a humane society in your area? Many shelters have a vet on staff or that they can refer you to for the blood tests.
I'll be thinking about you - let me know how it goes.