Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Just wondering' cuz did I tell you I have the whole of next week the week of Thanksgiving off (DUH, I thought it was next week until I got to work this morning and looked at the calendar.) Oh well... It's been an interesting weekend, and crazy busy. I'll tell ya about it later when I can remember it.. hehe.. but let's just say I gotta learn I'm not 20 years old anymore. Yikes.

So the "children" are managing to live quite peacefully on opposite sides of a door. While Lizzabella has always been a very busy kitty, little Miss Sophie, not so much. She's quite content to spend the better part of her days and nights curled into a ball at the foot of my bed. She is very quiet and peaceful where the other one isn't. Complete yin and yang if ever I saw it. The growling has stopped and is now just the occasional hiss and a stare that says "I'm gonna eat you".... and since baby kitty doesn't seem to notice... I don't let them together unless I'm right there.

And the other busy thing I've been doin' is shopping. Somebody take away QVC and my charge card. PUHLEESE! I have spoiled myself rotten for the holiday and something possessed me over the weekend. I didn't plan on it but I was powerless to stop - I mean it was on EASY PAY!! My combo birthday/big christmas gift to myself is gonna be THIS. 52 inches of goodness. Delivered next week. I am soooo bad! Yaaaaa-hooooooooooo! (but this could be bad since I thought I had the whole next week off and someone has to sign for delivery! Woe is me.. hehehe)


Karen said...

It is so strange you finding a new kitty, one just showed up at my house last week and has stayed around. Very surprising since my other two girls won't even let a strange dog in the yard. They act like it's been there the whole time. Can't touch it yet, but getting closer. Need to find out if it's a boy or girl, because if it is a she a trip to the vet will be in order. Don't need any babies.

Sophie is so cute. I think Lizzabella will get used to her and they will be friends.

You give the best presents. I think I will take lessons from you this year and buy my own gifts so I get what I want. After 20 years my husband still hasn't figured it out and I don't think I have the strength anymore to pretend I like his crap. Just sayin.

Have a good one.

Kath said...

Well if Lizzabella's hostility has already decreased then I think you can safely imagine a future where they will peacefully coexist in the same room! She may not come to love little Sophie, but at least she'll tolerate her!

Good for you spoiling yourself! If I had the scratch I'd do the same but money is crazy tight for me right now. I AM glad that I spoiled myself in the past by buying so much yarn since it now means I can knit for the next couple years within buying any more! So the lesson in that - do it when ya can and don't look back!