Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yeah, well.

The pinkie swear didn't come through.

I was up in plenty of time, but got half way to the bus stop and wondered if I turned off the heater.. so I went all the way back and yes it was off. Cool. Back at the bus stop with plenty of time. I go to grab my purse. It's not there. In denial, I root through all the crap in my car. Decision time, go without it or find it. I needed to find it so home I went and there it was on the couch.

Back to the bus stop I was 1/2 minute too late and literally was right behind him the whole way into the city. Which I drove on empty fuel, because I really didn't plan it....

And thank God for my friend who could give me a parking sticker - otherwise it would have cost me $14 just to park.

And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna call in sick in the morning. There is no doubt in my mind i will be unfit for work. I'm just gonna spend the day spoilin' the heck out of that little guy. And taking some pictures. And forgiving myself. Amen.


Julie said...

Oh Mia, there's nothing to forgive yourself for. You are doing what's best for Gizzy, as hard as that is.

Sending you hugs!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I'm praying you will be strong. Just love him and let him know that your love goes with him.

I'm such a sissy baby, I'm crying already. Big Hugs! xxoo