Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm totally intoxicated.

Literally. So much goin' on.. the work thing, after a 3 year estrangement, connecting with "the son of my heart" and seein' pics of the baby kicking *grin*. It's like the years are gone... but they are SO far away.

But on Thursday I have to put Gizzy to sleep. There's a lot wrong with him and mostly he's just old - almost 15. I have to, his liver is failing, he can't see or hear very well and I can't force him to endure another winter. I know it's time and it's a mercy. But it hurts. A lot.

I may need another cocktail. And yes, i realize i have to work tomorrow. That's what two alarm clocks and a pinkie swear of someone to call your phone can do for you. Amen.


Kath said...

Oh honey I am SO sorry! That's such a tough decision to make, and I'm sure knowing that you're doing what's best for the sweet doggy doesn't make it any easier. Do whatever you have to get through this! ::Hugs::

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Keep yourself going any way you can, Hon. It's hard to let a good friend go. Big Hugs! xxoo

Karen said...

So sorry about Gizzy. I've had to do it myself twice. Even though you know it's for the best, it is still hard and hurts your heart.

Hugs to you.


Your doing the right thing. It is a sign of great love when you relieve the pain of someone who can not do it for themself. Lots of crying but the right thing. Be strong, enjoy your last few hours together. I am so sorry. I am especially sorry you are doing this alone. You will be in my thoughts.
Be well.