Saturday, October 24, 2009

An unusual phenomena

House cleaning. Usually I hate it but for the past few weeks I've been into and likin' it. Something is seriously wrong. I mean - last weekend I was cleaning out a closet, then cleaned out the storage bins, then cleaned out old purses (and found two gift certificates that expired in 2004). Now that's cleaning. Just sayin'. And today I'm alllmoooost in the mood to mop the floor... or maybe not ::laughing::

Other than that I'm just layin' low. Gettin thru work and tryin' hard to force myself to relax when I get home. And seriously - dudes - the new blood pressure med the doc started me on last week is da bomb! Benicar HCT. My BP has been around 105/60 lately - and that's a looonnngggg way from 208/108. I don't think my pressure has been that low since I was born! ::laughing::

Anyway.. I haven't had much to blog about but wanted you to know I'm just hangin' out - I've gotten two iron treatments in with still four to go so I'm feelin' better and just waiting for my next "sitter" assignment. And in the interest of the full truth... I've also been eatin' waaayyyy too many cookies, but it could be worse. Right?


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I'm trying to get enough energy together to crochet and here you are cleaning and organizing. Good for you, my friend! Glad the BP meds are working for you too.

I can't see where anyone could eat too many cookies. Especially if they contain chocolate. :) xxoo

Julie said...

Cleaning? Liking to clean? Are you sure you're doing okay? :-)

Sheepish Annie said...

You've probably burned about a million calories with all that cleaning so I'd say you've earned a few cookies!

Kath said...

Can you believe I envy you the cleaning? My place is a disaster since I've been so busy and I wish I could just have a week off to whip it back into shape. Perhaps in January?

Oh and too many cookies? Never heard of such a thing. Now too many Pringles potato chips, that IS possible. Bleh. :P


Sounds like you're feeling better, taking control of your evironment and your life. Good for you. Always knew you could do it. Sounds like for you right now you are eating just the right amount of cookies. But if you want to diet together I'm making my millionth attempt starting today (Mon). I think your new health is fantastic!