Monday, October 26, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

So..... another administrator escorted out this morning. That one didn't last very long. How humiliating, you make a six figure salary in a top position.. and you come in on a Monday morning and they not only tell you you're done.. but they watch while ya pack up your stuff and escort you out - all within about 2 hours. Mmm hmmm... great place to work. Classy.

I also heard today about a coworker who passed away suddenly. I didn't really know her but it was her circumstances that bothered me. She was 55, had 25 years in and lived alone. Just ready to retire. She didn't call in and nobody at work heard from her for a couple of days, so they called the police who broke into her house and found her there. She died from natural causes, but that is my worst nightmare. Just ready to retire, she lived all alone, and boom. She's gone.

And as far as the second job goes, I've decided 12 hours days is out of the question. Yesterday I spent 12 hours sitting in a chair and watching a very large man sleep off some heavy drink and crack smoke. He was only in his 30s, but he didn't want to get up for nothing, not even the bathroom. He peed in a container while lying flat on his back. Tricky, eh? Yeah, I thought so too. He also ate his fried chicken lunch in the same position and without washing his hands all day. And did I mention he stunk? The whole floor was gagging... and I was sitting in front of his door for the entire 12 hours and I must say I have never washed MY hands so many times in one day. So yeah, 8 hours will be plenty next time. Just sayin'.

Ok, that is all. I just felt you needed to know. Goodbye.


Sheepish Annie said...

I can't imagine how bad it must be to be escorted from the building like that. I don't make 6 figures, but I do have tenure and rights so I guess it all evens out!

I'm glad you're not going for the 12 hour days. Even if things are slow, that is still a long shift!


What interesting things you have to talk about these days. Are you feeling ok? Everyone fears dying alone. It's ok, just keep making connections and all who love you will be by your side (even if we are far away)when you need them.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I remember when they let people go in our office when a new Governor comes in. Same thing. Tell you to pack and go. One Director locked herself in her office and had to be coaxed out. Just terrible.

Yeah, I wouldn't go for 12 hours of sitting and watching either. 8 hours is plenty enough. xxoo