Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sad day in lawnmower land.

Well, the plan started well - my lawnmower battery has been dying a slow death - so I finally got a new one and with the help of my brother "Al-vis", hehehe... got a new battery put in. Fine and dandy. Next there was a lot of smoke. Not good. Find out there's a mouse nest in the motor. Okayyy. but we get that taken care of and next thing I know I'm whizzin' around the yard and things are lookin' good. Then about halfway thru and with a big rainstorm looming - nothing. Oh the mower was workin' fine, but the grass wasn't gettin' any shorter. I had no freakin' clue. Turns out it was a big plastic belt thingy that was so shredded it broke. I took the stupid strip to Lowe's and asked the guy if they had more....

He says "oh no... we don't have any of those". Starting to panic, I say "oh no! you don't??". He says "nope, the only kind we have are in one piece".

Oh, such a funny man... Sheesh.

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Kath said...

So how badly did you want to smack the guy at Lowe's? Brownie points for resisting anyway!