Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to work

And it's a woeful Wednesday for this child. That five day break sure was nice and I can easily see how wonderful retirement will be some day. When you don't have to work and commute an hour each way, you can actually live a life!

Anyway... I got a lot done. Not as much as I wanted to but at least I did get the garden put in, the septic is fixed and I didn't quite keel over at the cost. I'm saving that for today when I pick up my car that's been in the shop for two days. Front breaks, back breaks, inspection, etc.... now that bill oughta be a doozy... but what can ya do? At least I'm getting it all done which eases my stress level considerably. Thank God for Visa.

And now.. I'm gonna try to make myself be happy that at least I can take an indoor shower this morning before work... I know.. it's reachin' to find somethin' good to say but now that I have to get my mind back in work mode, it's all I could think of hehehe.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Great news about being able to take a shower indoors again. I feel the same as you about the time off feeling like retirement. I cannot wait either. With the way the economy's going though, I may have to delay that. Ugh!

Hope your car's ok. One less thing to worry about is a good thing. Take care, my friend. xxoo

Anonymous said...

It's definitely hard to go back to work after an extra long weekend and an indoor shower is a good thing :-)

Karen said...

Going back to work after time off is painfull, did that yesterday.

Good to have you back, you will settle into your new home.

Hot showers and car fixed, yeah.

Thanks for letting me follow you. I will try and send comments more, I'm very bad about that.

You hang in there, karma does come around and people get what they deserve. Yours will all be good because you deserve it.

Sheepish Annie said...

It's a short week, though. That's nice. And when you can face the week all showered, it has to make things better!

Hope the day went well for you. :)