Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feelin' Groovy.

I am. I have absolutely no news regarding work, but like I said, I get paid very well.. four more years of saving up for retirement can't hurt. Amen. But I'm happy. I finally feel settled for some reason.

And today I had a new hot water tank installed and a SECURITY system! Why I never did this before, I'll never know, but glad I did. Now, even if I'm at work a fire starts the fire dept is notified immediately. Or if glass breaks in a storm or whatever... they got my back. HUGE relief. Living in the country, people aren't likely to hear an indoor fire alarm... so it's all good. It's even got a medical emergency button... just push it and they send an ambulance. VERY cool.

Ok, that's all for now. Think it's time to try out that new hot water heater with the hottest and bubbliest bath I can conjure up.

And I am blessed.

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Richmond Hill said...

You are indeed blessed, Mia. Safety for your home and security for your retirement days would make you even more comfortable. These days, saving up can really do wonders, especially on our way to retirement.