Thursday, March 31, 2011

My honor guard

I could watch this all day long. The day after I had the back windows installed (most excellent), I walked out the front door to go to work and this is what I saw. Only had a minute or two to quietly get camera, but at least I got a quick shot. And in case you can't tell because of the blurry - they're white tail deer. Now you can see why I'm so excited about new windows with unobstructed views so I can watch from inside. *grin* And I'm not gonna Even tell ya about the birds. most anyone that ever comes here watches all kinds come to a feeder in front of this window and they usually comment on how many and all the different kinds. It still amazes me sometimes that people don't see all the colorful birds... bluejays, cardinals, goldfinches, hummingbirds.. all kinds of stuff.. even a rare true bluebird and they hardly ever come to feeders as far as I can tell but I've seen 'em a couple of times now. And may I say, the robins are looking especially gigantic with their red bellies right now, ready to drop that baby blue egg or three, but they are SO fun to watch!


I'm not really all that hard to please ;)

Plus, I took seeing those deer as I walked out the door as a sign that my wild 'ole mountain man dad's talkin' to me, to show me such a sight before a very long day, and I think he approves of the window installation. And I am blessed.


Mia said...

PS, This is outside. They waited calmly until I came out my noisy front door, fiddled in my purse for my little diggie, got them in view. I really should learn my camera shit. I need to "see" to learn and no one to show me. But some day.. God willing... I'll have all the time to do whatever I want ;)



Mia said...

They even waited 'till I walked across the crunchy low spot in the yard. They were probably 100 feet away. That is just too amazing for words. At least to me and I guess that's just pretty darn ok! ;)