Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, so here we are at Wednesday

For this Wednesdays Child. Not so bad... all things considered. The legal stuff is startin' to get more intense and I'm makin' it my job to stay on top of stuff. I know people are baffled, and so am I, but somehow I've changed into a stronger, more independent, resilient and proud woman and I'm gonna just keep on doin' whatever I feel is the right thing to do. And goin' with gut feelings from now on. No analyzing anything ::laughing::

OH yeah, I have sins *coughQVC* but I mostly try to do right. And I DO have every intention of gettin' on that Pilates REAL soon....

Anyway. I just broke three, yes three fingernails bringin' groceries in just now. It's cuz I'm determined to get them ALLL at once no matter how heavy. It's an OCD thing or something ::shrug:: but I did it ::grin:: .

Oh, and PS and by the way???? What is with the Walmart check out people? I can't tell you how many times I've gotten home with the receipt and realized they never charged me for that giant box of alcohol and it happened again tonight!! Well my gosh, they loaded the rest of the stuff around it.. I just assumed. And if you'd go back and pay the $20 odd dollars, you ARE a better woman than me.. cuz I'm just a remorseful sinner who's drinkin' a very cold beverage right now. Amen.

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Isn't it strange that they are so worried about theft that they have someone at every door and never deal with the cashiers getting back at them by giving customers free stuff. Just thinking that it might be another way to look at it-you are doing angry Walmart workers a service by taking it. Oh and I am one those people that tries to pay for it the next time I am in a store. Stores hate that and very rarely will take the money.

The world is indeed a strange place!