Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ohh too funny.

Kind of crude for a Sunday morning but I am still kind of laughing. I woke up to find that mischievous little Gracie kitty - who is everywhere all at once - well last night she apparently tipped a box of "feminine products" and the box landed in her water bowl! I can't even explain why or how funny that looked to me when I got up this morning and saw that box floating. (and yes, before you even ask, I DO intend to do some scientific experiments on how well those products were wrapped). ::laughing::

Ok, so did ya spit out your coffee while you read that?? ::::Laughing::::

I just figured you needed to know *grin*. And I want to tell ya, - my method of buying stuff and not opening it till Christmas worked AWESOME!!! I truly didn't remember exactly what I had gotten, yet each thing i LOVED more than the next. And there will be absolutely NO returns today *grin*. I totally spoiled and pampered myself this year. I needed that. And today I feel new.

I am wildly blessed and thankful beyond measure. Amen.


Kath said...

Oh please - just try to out-do me with the crude! I dares ya!

For what it's worth - my tabby cat is the reason why those products are kept in a plastic bin with a latch and the bathroom trash can must be the kind with a lid. A firm lid. Because, ya know - cats like things with strings right? Yeah, that. :/

Sheepish Annie said...

That is hysterical!