Saturday, November 13, 2010

Siesta time

I don't seem to have much energy for bloggin' right now.. think I'll take a little break for a couple of days. I'm ok, just sickened to see my father's legacy, everything he worked and sweated and sacrificed for his whole life so he'd have a wonderful place for all his children to go to, bein' put up for sale as quick as possible cuz no one really cares about anything except the money.

In a few short months it will be like the man never existed except for a few stolen knick-nacks people will have that they can brag on...

People are cold, hateful and greedy and just plain mean. Dad would be so hurt and disappointed if he could see.... and I believe he can.

Heartbreaking. And beyond shameful.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Heartbreaking and Shameful. That says it all. It's hard to believe that people can really be like that. I hope that the time away and resting helps to ease your mind a bit. ::hugs::