Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See.. I have this thing...

Shortly after I was no longer um... living with my husband and before he was the ex... I found out that I missed the heck out of Christmas presents. I used to LOVE Christmas.

BUT! I have perfected the perfect plan for those that live alone. Perhaps I shall call it TPPFTTLA. How's that? Easy to pronounce? I already freakin' forgot what it was.

Anyway... But yeah, a few years back I knew i missed the excitement of waking up early to see what Santa had brought. I was just remembering especially how much I miss it when i was raisin' the boys. I mean I used to stay up all night takin' off the "walmart" tags cuz we all KNOW Santa wouldn't shop there - he had the North Pole! Then I used to wake up real early and go in their room and throw a pillow on their bed and run back to my bed. AND THEY NEVER KNEW!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA. They thought THEY woke up early and came to tell me Santa had been there. So fun and such a Good memory I hadn't thought about in a while until I just wrote this post...

Anyway.. so what I do now is I either order stuff from the famous Q or just little tidbits that I see here and there... and when I get home I DON'T OPEN THEM. No matter what. I make a little pile and wait until the weeeeeee hours of Christmas morning when I can't take it another second. Then I turn on the yule tunes, FORCE myself to wait until I've made something I can call breakfast, then rip into my prezzies which always seem to be exactly what I wanted. *grin*. Hey, It works for me :)

I dunno, but in the "spirit" of the holidays, I just ordered one more little doo-dad for the pile.

I already know I'm blessed so why say it again. It's learnin' to enjoy it that's the hard part - but I'm gettin' there ;) May God bless you and yours as abundantly as he does me. Amen.

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Stacie said...

I like that.

My favorite part: "then rip into my prezzies which always seem to be exactly what I wanted."