Monday, November 8, 2010

And yet...

Although I have many books in my head to write... another is being born as of this moment. I hope I live long enough to try to start writing them because I swear.. you can't make this stuff up. And It. Is NOT. Pretty. It is Hideous. Heinous. Shameful. Hateful. and I'm downright ashamed endlessly on behalf of my dad since the night he passed. Whatever the law ends up proving... I'll still know what I know.

I'm pretty much still incredulous and all I can do is shake my head because I can not begin to even imagine that this would have ever happened... and I'm DAMN sure my dad didn't either.

Lord have mercy on their souls. Thank you in advance.


Sheepish Annie said...

My God...I'm just catching up here and obviously there is some reading between the lines but...My God.

I cannot believe all this. I hope you are doing all right and that the people who need to be called forward to give answers are forced to do so. Lots of hugs coming from my corner of the world!

Kath said...

I was thinking that the other day after our little convo. The stuff in your life right now seems so unreal to me, it's like something I'd read in a book. So yeah, when all this is over and done, you should write a book!