Thursday, September 2, 2010


At my cat.

I mean, I love her to death and she's beautiful and snuggly - all 20 pounds of her - but this conjoined twin stuff has got to stop. She literally follows me everywhere. She races to get to the bathroom before I do, I can walk in a circle and she'll go with me - sometimes I do it just to mess with her *grin*. And she always walks so close you'd think she's on a leash, but closer. Sometimes her side bumps into my ankle as we walk. That's close.

And she talks. All night long. I don't know how to ask her nicely to stop. She just likes to and has quite a vocabulary as well.

What's even more interesting is that I almost understand her...

::sigh:: Is it Friday yet??


Stacie said...

Aww, she loooooves you!

My shitten is starting to go where I go. I'm not sure why he likes me. We have a love/hate relationship right now.

Kath said...

Hah! I haven't used the bathroom at home alone in years! Quite often while I'm taking care of business she does the same. :/

But the talking? I dunno. I've had them go through phases of being too active/chatty during the night and that usually means they are sleeping too much during the day. I know it's unavoidable if you are gone to work during the day but maybe serious play time in the evening to burn off some energy?