Thursday, August 19, 2010


Thanks for your support to my bloggy friends... those little comments mean more than you know and give me a boost every time I read a new one. I always intend to answer back and sometimes I do.. but then sometimes the days get away from me. But still.. just wanted to say "Thank You".

So... What shall we talk about now? The boss is on vacation and it's SOOOO much less stressful. But there's still the troll to deal with. That's what I'm gonna call the other girl from now on... not to be mean, but she kind of reminds me of one cuz she's short and squat and dyes her short, frizzy hair "I Love Lucy" red to match her pink glasses, I guess. And I have to call her something.... At least I can say she's been dripping sweetness whenever she's been required to talk to me this past few days although not another word from anyone has been said. But still. It is my prison.

One day at a time. Just breathe. And I pray. A lot.

So I put the final payment for my vacation on the 'ole credit card today. This will be my first ever real "solo" travel.. on a cruise that just finally came out with "studio" rooms so single people can go and not have to pay double. It's Norwegian line. And what a deal.. airfare from Syracuse to Miami for $204 round trip!! (FYI travel tip: airlines always make their price reductions on Tuesday evenings, so if you're gonna buy tickets, best to check prices then or early Wed. morning). It's quite a ways off yet, but now that I gotta pay for it, I know it's real :) and I might as well hurry while I still have a job. And I'll make sure to take a LOT of pictures that I swear I'll not get too lazy to post :)

Since the first of this year, my only goal has been to try to "find" myself, get to know who I was, what I liked, what I could do and what I couldn't. I'm exploring, learning, pampering myself with little treats and some cool jewels, laughing when I can, crying when I can't... and just finding out who I really am. Solo. But I've come a loooooong way and I am going forward... now if I could just get this work drama/craziness/court crap over with... I have a lot on my "to do" list... also known as the Bucket list. Just watched a show about meteorite hunting the other day.. and if you know me... you know you can just imagine me doin' it *grin*. And then again... knowing me... I'll probably find one worth a fortune. *grin*

I also have a map and I recorded a show about emerald hunting.... ::laughing:: I can sleep in my car and eat fast food if I have to.. but there's just stuff I want to DOOOOOOOO. Excitement and adventure! And not one bit of it involves goin' into that hellhole again tomorrow. Just sayin'.


Gigi said...

Wow...the cruise sounds exciting. Being single with mostly "attached" friends I've done plenty of solo vacations but never a cruise. I may have to look into this...and soon!

Sara said...

Good for you!

I want to take a winter cruise to the Arctic Circle: Norway has these sort of milk run ships that dock at 'most every port heading up the coast....

Also? I just did a few days in London by myself, and it's sooooo nice to do what you want without having to do stuff the traveling partner wishes to do!