Sunday, August 15, 2010

Middle of the night.

And I am sitting here listening to crickets, one of which is particularly loud and reallly annoying. If it's not velcro kitty meowing all day it's the crickets at night...

And I can't stop wondering what's gonna happen at work on Monday. Trust me... I didn't do a thing but that other old/new secretary had a purple rage freak out. I don't see how they can possibly keep us working in the same office after she threatened me and such... but if somebody is gonna be moved, which one of us will it be? And if no moves happen, then what? Stuff has gotten so twisted and just completely insane at that place it's hard to even explain what's goin' on anymore. Just plain crazy. And Monday morning is gonna completely suck no matter which way it goes.

So.. dear diary.. what shall I do now?

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Sara said...

Chin up :). Fingers crossed here for you. Perhaps a mantra to recite to yourself when things get really ugly? Something like "this too shall pass" (or "I'll get you my pretty.....!).