Thursday, July 29, 2010

Todays mail

contained the first solid piece of "the beginning". It was the notice of appearance for the "Notice of Conference and Production of Records" for the Division of Human Rights complaint I filed.... it's gonna be a lonnnng August cuz the date isn't till September.

4 respondents (including my boss who sits 3 feet behind me every. single. day) and their legal. Against me. Fun times.

Except I have the truth and proof of it and they don't... and the papers say they're supposed to be bringing it. Lots of it.

And they don't even have a clue that Round 2 is comin'.

It's gonna be wicked hard, but the truth is the truth and I'm gonna fight as hard as I can to prove it. For myself and just to prove they can't play with people like we're slaves. I know I'm not the only one there, it's just I don't care anymore. That place has eaten me alive... but there's lots of people goin' thru stuff that have more to risk than I do and I totally understand and that's why I'm doin' it. Any stray prayers ya got handy are gonna be appreciated this next couple of months.

But for right now... I need alcohol. And there's not a soul that can blame me tonight. Amen


Sheepish Annie said...

No blame here. You do what you gotta do. It's going to be tough, but you have right on your side. Go get 'em!!!

Stacie said...

I really hope that August goes by very quickly for you.