Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did I ever tell ya???

About the story where when I was 19 I was held up at gunpoint??

I didn't? Well, it happened. And may make the next post more significant. But yes, I was walkin' down the road (I lived in a city appt. and had no car) and I saw a car go past real slow. I kept walking (11:00 at night on mainstreet - but I needed cigs). I kept walking then saw that car come back and pull in a parkin' space in front of me. In my mind i wondered "why is he comin' back?". During that split second, he had a pistol out the door of his car and tellin' me to get in the "effin" car or he'd kill me right there. During the struggle a car came up the street from the dark of the night, I prayed for strength and I managed to get away and run and get in front of it. That car was either gonna stop or kill me. I had nothing to lose.

"Please God", I begged , "if he takes me in the car, no one will ever find my body - but if he shoots me in the back, they'll find me here on the street". I even "wrastled" with him as he tried to shove me in the car. I told him the only thing i had was a money order from my dad but I'd cash it for him.

He didn't want it.

Long story short.. the coppers got him and he did more than a year in jail, then the pen.

Anyway... I'm bored so just thought I'd tell ya that little bit of history :)

PS. Why in the HELL am I thinkin' about that today????? I just wanna have fun.

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Stacie said...

Wow, that is REALLY scary. Thankfully you "wrastled" him and got free. AND, thank thank thank goodness the cops got that piece of shit and put his ass in jail!