Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The News

I just can't watch it anymore. I swear. Or TV in general. That world out there is gettin' to be a bad, bad place... So Is anybody out there watchin' anything good? My highlights are (besides the obvious QVC *cough*), National Geo channel, food tv, news and weather... and the last two i haven't been really keen on in a while.

Anyway. A ham and turkey sub and an icy cold drink is helpin' me feel better about two of the groundhogs bein' in the yard when i came home from work tonight. Ballsy little critters.. but man oh man that is one GIANT burrow they have goin' under my shed. I actually blocked it months before with a REALLY BIG rock. But they moved it. The rock. 'Cuz they're really big. Then they made another.

And that is all the news for today. Hope to find something more entertaining soon :)


Kath said...

Actually I had my cable turned off a few months ago! I figured what few tv programs I like I can watch for free on hulu and I'd save almost $40 bucks a month that way! I never did like watching tv news and truly do not miss having cable tv at all.

I still wanna know what would happen if you blasted "The Clan" with a water hose! Except if you did that you'd need to get someone to video it. Because what I'm picturing is pretty damn funny!

Stacie said...

I avoid the news too. Too damn depressing. I do catch things on every now and then, or I'll Google something if I want to know more.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I barely watch the news in the 'big harsh' as it's never good. The world? Not much to make me happy either. I've been watching comedy DVD's to ease my mind right now.

Wow! The groundhog family? Looks like you've got your own Gobblers Knob right in your backyard. Wish they'd see their shadows and bring some cool weather back. :) xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

I never watch the news. I've always pretty much hated it. But I don't know what I'd do without the Discovery Channel. However would I survive without Deadliest Catch????


Did I ever tell you that my Dad leaves his tv on 24/7 tuned into HSN? It is his belief that they are broadcasting in his house. He talks to them, passes notes and Sunday wanted to talk to me about how much electricity they were using.
Me, I love to watch Bravo or on-demand network shows or turn off the tv and listen to NPR. Never can handle much of the regular news either!