Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shawl woman has returned!

And that would be me. You know how I like COLORs, right? Well I like shawls too, scarves, wraps - anything of that sort. And I've got quite a collection. I've actually knitted and woven shawls for gifts before, but most of my own are fabric. I had a couple from here or there, then when I when to Egypt - major color overload! And scarves/shawls EVERYWHERE since most all of the women wear them as head coverings! It was hard to control myself, but I still bought 6 or 7 while I was there.. (but I wish I bought at least 20 so I could share them with friends) and they're beautiful. Metalic threads woven through, embroidered roses, jewel colors - then I just received two more from Europe - and as far as I am concerned, a girl can NEVER have too many colorful shawls and scarves.

The thing is... I never wore them. Not too many people run around wearing wraps or shawls where I live, so I just carefully folded them and put them in a drawer so they wouldn't get "ruined". From time to time I'd open the drawer and just admire them... like little individual jewels.

Well. The time has COME! I am my own woman and if I want to wear shawls I WILL regardless of what anyone else thinks. So for the past few days that's just what I've done and I feel COOL *grin*. And confident enough to make my own statement about who I am and what I like and since I'm pushin' 50, I'd say it's about time :) And today's choice was a navy blue silk/cashmere pashmina with fringe, from Egypt. Pure luxury and perfect for a slightly cool spring morning :)

On the other hand, unlike Egypt, shawls are very expensive around here and hard to find - just wondering if anyone out there has found an online source for reasonably priced shawls/scarves to buy online? Or a site that gives you different ideas to wear them. I've searched.. I wonder why it's so hard to buy things from places like Egypt/India etc. online??

Ok, that is all that is on my mind at this moment. Besides the piece of cake I am about to eat. Ta-Ta for now :)


Stacie said...

I have never worn a shawl or a scarf, and I am no help because of that. I don't know of any online stores for such items.

Your scarves and shawls sound beautiful. You should take some pictures and show us. I bet the ones from Egypt are gorgeous!

Kath said...

I am evil. I can't help it. I have to say it - why not knit a shawl? You know that thing you can do with a couple a pointy sticks and some really nice stringy stuff? :P

Seriously though, cruise on over to Rav and check out some of the incredibly easy patterns. I'll even send you a message with links to some of my faves. I think knitting them up yourself and then wearing them is even more rewarding!

Actually - yes, you should come back over to Rav. There's a group I'd like you check out. Group of folks I think you might get along with!

Karen said...

I bet you look fabulous, good for you. It sounds absolutely beautiful. Sorry I'm no help with finding a shawl sight, but I will look around.

Hope you have a good day and a great weekend. Hugs


I wear a scarf or shawl everyday. I started wearing scarves to cover up the trache. A really fun place for wrap/scarves is ebay-type in cashmere and look for the Chinese seller that offers the very thin cashmere scarves for about $8 each and combines shipping. They come in lots of colors-I bought about a dozen for gifts last year. I love them. I have also bid on several "sets" of scarves, that I find end up being cheaper than buying individual scarves. Would love to see some of yours.