Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random weekend twitter.

Well. What a weekend. Bullet posts are necessary. In no particular order.

*Just spent an afternoon playing with an adorable 2 year old little girlie-girl. Children and animals always seem to love me. Many people remarked on how unusual it was that this normally very shy little girl took to me so much and so quick. Hey, What can I say?

*Was spiritually enlightened after a day long workshop yesterday with friends. And revived. And abundantly blessed. Amen.

*Almost hit a rabid raccoon on my way home today. I took about 450 pictures of it. I could have walked up and touched it but reason got the better of me and I decided not to.

*Had to get a jump start on my car, from a stranger. But he was nice. And he knew how to use jumper cables. :)

*Sliced open the back of my heel on the screen door. owie.

*Can't go in the hot tub now like I was planning cuz it will hurt my poor owie too much.

*Received some beautiful gifts of murano glass from Italy as well as a couple shawls and a gorgeous set of espresso cups from somewhere over there in Europe... can't remember where just now.

*Went to a surprise birthday party for my mother's 70th and saw her with tears. I think it was a "moment".

*Had the first picture of me, my three siblings and my mother taken for the first time in my adult life. Hope they turn out good:) As for me? Yeah, I forgot my camera. Duh.

*Peed in my yard. Yes, I did. No one could see and I had to GO!

So there ya go. My weekend. In no particular order.


Kath said...

Sounds like a very satisfactory weekend - even with the owie!


Wow-those are moments! I hope it doesn't sound silly to say I'm proud of you for going to your mom's party & getting the photo taken & noticing the moment. You seem to so badly want to connect with these people. Your brother helping you out with the mower-maybe there is something there. Hey after 47 years of bickering with my brother and worse we have been getting along, even chatting on the phone, I think we may even be feeling like siblings. Maybe there is something in the air. Enjoy it!