Thursday, April 15, 2010

oh boy...

all my life people have told me I should write a book - for all different reasons and events. I so wish I knew how.. I'd have a whole series by now and I'd make a freakin' fortune.

Missed the (only) bus home tonight cuz it never stopped. I was there but it drove on by. Jumped on the next bus to get downtown because miracle of miracles, he said he could call ahead and hold the other bus downtown. Amazing. Usually they don't even have radios on the bus, and even though the bus I was on hit every. single. red light on the way downtown, the other bus was waiting for me when we got there. Amen.

However.. just minutes before I left work I ran into the girl who had my job before they threw me in there. She was bawling. Long story short, she's being put back in our office.

In one week the boss found out that her current employee has filed with Human Rights, and her ex-employee is coming back in a week and the girl is totally pissed off and not one bit happy about it.

Wonder what this means for me??

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Of course you know how to write a book. You right part of it right here most days.

Be well