Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The third time.

Yes, this is the third time in about a month that i've searched the house for my keys - and finally found them in the key slot of the front door where I left them the day before.

I need a vacation. Just sayin'.

PS, the lawyer situation.. it's hard to fit everything into an hour - but he had me fill out a paper to give to them, now we have to wait and see what they say or do. I think (and the lawyer warned me) there's gonna be a lotta waitin' and it's not gonna go quick. But at least it's off my shoulders and I have done every single thing within my power to do... We shall see. All I want is peace for my heart and soul. Amen.


Julie said...

I'm always doing things like that!

I hope your meeting went well yesterday; I've been thinking about you.

Kath said...

I've done so much worse than that. Believe me. Do you want to hear about the time I left my keys in the bank on Saturday morning? The bank that closes at 1pm? And doesn't open again until Monday at 9am? :/

Yes, I could and did walk home but the cat didn't even look surprised to see me climbing in through a window. Sorta like, "Oh, I've always know you were a idiot but at least you have thumbs and a can opener."

Sheepish Annie said...

Keys...I don't even want to talk about it. I'm down to my last set and worried. Very much so.

It must be such a relief to have someone else do the worrying for a while when it comes to the work situation. I'm so glad that you were able to hand some of that off!