Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ok, Don't lie to me.

How freakin' CUTE are these? They're some kind of fused glass about 10" across and they go on stakes in the garden. You can just leave 'em for decoration or put bird feed or water in them and they were like $20 for both! (cough*QVC*cough - hehehe). I think they're gonna look pretty cool when the sun shines thru them and I actually had them before I even knew I was gonna have a porch to enjoy lookin' at. It's meant to be cuz I already had planned to put them out front where I'm gonna do the daylillies.

Cool, cool, cool. I can't wait to have a front porch. I think it's a genetic thing :) My dads side of the family tend to like front porches too :) Thank you Mr. Tax man (who I really call Mr. Magic). I *heart* you :)

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