Saturday, March 13, 2010

And so it goes.

So I was invited to an event for the night. A non-drinking kind of event, but still.. it was something and someone else was doin' the driving. Cool.

Except... I didn't know there were more people going so that I ended up being the person in the back seat middle for the two plus hour drive each way.

And we finally got there we found out the event was yesterday, not tonight. So we got a soda and turned around. Back on the rainy, wickedly windy road.. I now know more about the lady sitting on my right than I know about some of my own family members... just sayin'.

Then coming home - with relief and home just a few miles away - the driver missed the highway exit ::sigh:: so we had to wait till the next one which took us at least 20 minutes out of our way and then we had to backtrack all that way to get me back to my car.

I don't get out much and now I see why ::laughing:: it's just not meant to be - and man is my hiney tired of sitting after a total of more than 5 hours sitting squished in the middle. I thought you'd be interested in that little bit of information.

So may I just say it has been a very long evening after a very long week and a cocktail is very well deserved right this moment. Yes, I think I will. Maybe two. Amen.

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