Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and another day

with no news about my job. Mr. HR man says he will contact me "in writing" to let me know the status of my medical accommodations request. Are you f'ing kidding me???? And so I wait. and wait. and wait. and my whole life is pretty much hangin in the wind over here waiting for the answer... and it's been more than a week now with no word.

Please.. I need someone to come over and do shots of tequila... and please bring limes. And we'll sit on the hard concrete steps and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen.. and I get some good ones. Sorry for your luck after my deck is built... it's gonna be one sunset pic after another ;)

If I live that long and don't have a stroke before it's done. Amen.


Kath said...

Having worked in HR (but I was a good one, not evil!) I do understand that he has to do it in writing. But...there is no reason he could not at least be professional and tell you when you could expect to receive a response. How long has it been since the request was submitted? And would you feel comfortable/strong/secure enough to contact the HR to follow up on your request?

Kath said...

Oh sorry, you did say more than a week. Okay, I'd say you definitely have grounds for a follow-up contact.

Karen said...

If I could take my vacation time now, I would be on a plane in a heart beat. I will bring the lime and several bottles, please have salt. We won't even have to dirty the glasses, the way things have been going for us both, straight out of the bottle seems fitting.

Sending out good thoughts and hugs to you.

Now just close your eyes and imagine what I am sending out to those SOBs you work with. I couldn't give a shit less about karma right now, can you tell? Hehe

Try and hang in there, it will all work out for you because you deserve it. Huge hugs


The unfair thing about stressing out is that it changes nothing but you. What is the saying, expect the best but prepare for the worst. I'm sure your attorney has discussed your options if it becomes necessary to beat them into compassionate behavior. The funny thing about time and a great personal trauma-even the folks who rallied around you in the beginning have moved on to their own lives. Even if they are still in touch they often find your(not just you, anyone)upset feelings overdramatic. So then realize how work folks react. Unhappy work folks want company in their misery. And then remember how judgmental folks are-putting their own spin on your tragedy. The point of all this is, you will be fine no matter what. You will. You know it. You will go on being a strong, good, kind woman with a tragedy in her past. But you will go on.

Hoping for the very best for you. If life were fair you would be on easy street by the time you read this!

Be well