Sunday, February 28, 2010

What is with me today?

Probably too much caffeine - but I'm wired. I paced a hole thru the floor early on today... so I figured I might as well cook some food - it always helps during a rough patch to have food ready to just heat and eat - and this week is gonna be another rough patch. So I got out the Abin5 book and made a batch of the master dough. I wasn't sure the yeast was still good since it's been a while since I made bread - but it worked fine. I put the dough in the fridge to rise, then made some egg salad for sandwiches for the week. Then I cooked up some potatoes so I can fry them crispy later on. Makes an easy breakfast - little warmed up fried taters and an over medium egg. And homemade toast if i should happen to be in the mood *grin*.

8 more work days till I get to meet with the union lawyer. Think good and powerful thoughts. As for me.... I'm tryin' really hard not to think about it. I'm scared to death.

Oh, and do you know what else that earthquake did? It finally made me learn the picture-in-picture feature on my tv that I've ignored for years cuz i didn't know how to do it. Come to find out it's pretty darn nifty when you want it and can't unglue your eyes from the live tv coverage of the disaster for more than 15 seconds...

Ok, I gotta go find something else to do. I've cooked enough for a family of six and cut myself off from QVC again (although the helpful salesman - when I told him I was getting ready to turn QVC off after ordering the lovely little bird baths ... and an exercise DVD due to the above food cooking problem)... happily and with a little chuckle, said "We'll be here for ya when you're ready to come back.") Mercy. But those bird baths are gonna look soooo cute in my summer garden :)


kris said...

This sounds like a good day -- I need to stock up my fridge/pantry so I can work off steam by cooking, too. My problem is that I never have the ingredients I need when the spirit moves me!


How was your Monday? Did you pack up some egg salad and bread? Did you sneak some online shopping in at your desk today?

Counting the days til Spring!

Be well.

Sheepish Annie said...

I hope today went well for you. 8 days is a long time to wait for that lawyer-meet. I'll keep my fingers crossed!