Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm planting a garden

In my head.... there's still a lot of snow out there but it's something to look forward to. After givin' it my best shot last year, I've decided veggie gardenin' isn't for me anymore. I just didn't have enough time or the energy needed - so this year I'm just gonna concentrate on flowers. Just a little patch in front. I'm thinkin' somethin' easy that can take care of itself - maybe some different color day lillies, lavender and a few solar lights. And a bird bath.


Mr. furnace man comes Tuesday to finally put in the new furnace. We've had some weather delays and I'll be glad to have it done. But for now... QVC is havin' an all day silver show and i feel the need for a treat... wish me luck ;)

OMG - it's a SIGN! Just as I typed that last line the SUN came out!! the SUN!! I barely recognized it. I gotta go enjoy it before it goes away :)


Sheepish Annie said...

I think that flowers are a fine idea. I wish I could grow things here. ::sigh::

Enjoy that sun! I hear a rumor about another storm heading this way. Can it be true???


Add some herbs to your flowers. And give yourself a tomato plant in a pot-something like a santa sweet or millions. No work and good for salads all summer long. Yummy! But I agree, no such thing as too much beauty. Love the flowers!

Kath said...

Is Mr. Furnace Man the fine-looking one? 'Cause that'd give a gal a reason to get through Monday!