Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I really have a headache.

I think it's because the big pretty kitty will not stop meowing. Almost never, unless I'm petting her or letting her sit next to me - or her personal favorite, on me (otherwise known as crushing me). Then all I hear (loudly since she loves to be nose to nose) is the loudest purrrring ever. And a whole lot of biscuit makin'. How can I say no???

So... anyway. One day at a time. I have an appt. early March with a union lawyer. I think it may turn out to be a very good thing that I have as much documentation as I do... but then again... I have also found out (and way too many times)found out that what should happen, and what's true and right... doesn't always.

And I'm makin' it.... but I'm scared. But right now I'm at "code red" and just tryin' for one day at a time. Thoughts for strength and peace appreciated.


Sheepish Annie said...

Biscuits and a pretty kitty...there's worse things, I suppose. But it's hard to convince kitties that want attention to give some space, isn't it?

Hope that all goes well with the union lawyer and that the things that should happen do just that.

Karen said...

Pretty kitty and biscuits, I think that might be a delicacy in some countries. Just kidding.

Hang in there. Good thoughts and hugs to you. Hope you have a good one.


Yea you! It will turn out better than you expect. It will. Be patient. Relax, be happy. I hear playing the dulcimer does wonders.

Be well

Kat said...

Still love ya!! : )